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Our family business has been sourcing and supplying reclaimed items and flooring for many many years.  If you are after anything particular please drop us a line and we will do our best to find it for you !

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  1. top 10 stones woodstoneuk capietra

    Check out our top 10 best sellers from our Ca'Pietra stone tiles for walls and floors. 

    All these stones have FREE SAMPLES available - Please just email us and we will happily send you out a sample.  Or order through our website - From Limestone to Marble to Slate - There is a stone here for everone! Damian Cronin 07855 288 544 for further info.

    Click on the stone for further info !

    1. Astro Grey Honed Marble

    Astro Grey Honed Marble Woodstoneuk

    2. Bergamo Tumbled Limestone

    Bergamo tumbled limestone woodstoneuk

    3. Carnaby Tumbled Limestone

    Carnaby limestone tumbled

    4. Farley Seasoned Limestone

    Farley limestone seasoned woodstoneuk

    5. Hamlet Tumbled Limestone

    Hamlet Tumbled LImestone woodstoneuk

    6. Hazelebury Tumbled Limestone

    Hazlebury tumbled limestone woodstoneuk

    7. Lunar Tumbled Limestone

    Lunar Tumbled LImestone

    8. Neranjo Limestone ( Seasoned)

    Neranjo Seasoned Limestone

    9. Piccadilly Honed Limestone

    Piccadilly honed limestone - woodstoneuk

    10. Shepton Worn Slate

    shepton flagstones worn